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Thoughtful Mother’s Day Gifts That Mum Will Love

For she who has given us everything, it may be hard to find that perfect gift deserving of mum’s unadulterated love and undying sacrifice. A tip is to gift her something that will bring her fond memories every time she puts it to use, or inspire joy every time she spies it with her eye in the home she has made a warm haven for all those years growing up. For the sights, sounds, scents and sweet memories, here are some gift ideas that mum will love this Mother’s Day. 

1. Lavish Her Home with Fragrances

Scents are known to be powerful evokers of memories. Gift mum and her home a medley of scents to mix and match, whether that is a candle to warm up a room, a soap to trail along as she goes about her day, or a room diffuser to imbue her surroundings with warm memories.

2. Play Up Favourite Corners with Interior Decor

Home is where the heart is so make it a place well-stocked with fond reminders of good times with tasteful homeware. A tasteful vase in the living room, a warm lamp in the corner of the bedroom or decorative bowl on the kitchen counter can add lashings of joy to a space, just as mum deserves.

3. Dress Her Up with Jewellery and Accessories

Instead of showering mum with gems and gold, tasteful jewellery might be more appreciated in our modern times. Timeless designs will stand the tests of trends and quality craftsmanship will make them something to be cherished for years to come.

4. Get Her Cosy with Knits and Throws

For all the warm hugs and tender love she has given over the years, return the favour with knits and throws she can cosy up with. A soft touch on the couch or a warm wrap on a cold evening is a recipe for thoughtfulness that can do wonders.

5. Colour Her Days with Good Reads

Make even the quietest moments at home worth a trip for the mind with coffee table books that feed the soul and add to the home ambience. Dissect the words and display them afterwards with these coffee table books we can't get enough of.

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Easily style your home guided by the Rule of Three, whichsuggests that objects arranged in odd numbers appeal more to the eyes and make groupings more memorable and effective than even-numbered arrangements. Here's how.