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Audo Copenhagen

Flambeau Candle Holder, Table 34H - Brass

Flambeau draws inspiration from French modernist lighting fixtures and takes the form of a flickering flame, exuding a sculptural design with a delightful and playful aura. Its metal backplate serves as a canvas to amplify and reflect the candlelight, producing captivating shadows that infuse the surroundings with a beautiful and enchanting ambiance.



Krøyer-Sætter-Lassen is a Copenhagen-based design studio founded by Mads Sætter-Lassen and Emil Krøyer in 2016. They create logical, functional, and sculptural furniture and interior objects, inspired by Danish design heritage and art. Their collaboration began during their studies at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, leading to the development of various projects. The duo's focus on honesty is evident through their consideration of material properties and their preference for visible design assets over concealed elements.



300mmH x 165mmW x 92mmD



Steel & Brass

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