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Our Story

Klemenza is an interior design studio and home décor boutique based in Paddington, creating modern elegance and sensorial experiences through extraordinary design. 

Specializing in mid-to-high-end residential projects, Klemenza offers the utmost quality of design excellence and promises to transform clients’ dreams into reality by curating timeless interiors built to reflect the people that live in it and express the individual character of each space.

Furniture Store & Interior Designer in Brisbane


Home Decor & Interior Decorating in Brisbane & Queensland

Our Services

Whether it’s coming up with ideas to make your home or business beautiful and functional but also expressing your taste and personality while suiting your lifestyle, we can reinvent your space and everything it could become

Located In The Heart Of Paddington

Our studio is set up in a heritage Queenslander, which has stood in Paddington for over 100 years. 

Together Sophia our Director and the building owner completely renovated the home to give it a new lease on life and an added touch of beauty to the renowned Latrobe Terrace.

137 Latrobe Terrace,
Paddington, QLD, Australia

Furniture Store in Brisbane

Our Partners

With the international influence embedded in the ethos of
Klemenza, we carry pieces from Europe, America, 
and Asia.

Easily style your home guided by the Rule of Three, whichsuggests that objects arranged in odd numbers appeal more to the eyes and make groupings more memorable and effective than even-numbered arrangements. Here's how.
Scents are the most effective way to create varying ambiences in the spaces of your home. Get creative and switch up the vessel of the scents too, from candles and diffusers to fragrance bars and more for a treat for the eyes as well as the nose.

Driven by the spirit of conviviality, our Klemenza Trunk bars are designed to welcome everyone with a drink and stylishly hide them away after the party is over.