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AUDO Copenhagen (MENU)

Audo Copenhagen is born from uniting the expertise of MENU, Audo Cophenhagen and By Lassen. It embraces a century of Danish design tradition while maintaining a modern, global outlook. Their furniture, lighting, and interior accessories are thoughtfully designed using high-quality materials to meet human needs and foster strong connections and partnerships. Audo believes that human connection is invaluable, and they aim to create a sense of community wherever space allows. Their designs serve both form and function, enabling people to assemble unique interior landscapes that promote a sense of belonging and empowerment.

Their aesthetic philosophy, coined "soft minimalism," centres around clean lines, calmness, subtle strength, earth tones, and natural materials. Soft minimalism encourages creative contemplation and harmony and adapts well to diverse architectural styles for both residential and commercial settings. Audo's designs are timeless, built to last for decades, and can move from one home to another, accompanying people through different chapters of life.

Audo Copenhagen's designs are found in spaces worldwide, and they aspire to share the magic of their creations with new generations, fostering a global sense of community through remarkable design and communal experiences.