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The Art of Stacking

The art of stacking plays with the powerful effect of a lived-in vibe and a magnetic point of focus. The trick is to keep things intentional yet effortless, choosing contrasting textures and materials but kept thematic with a common thread. That standardization could be a shade of colour, a topic of interest or even a subject for the eye to zone in on.


Take things up a notch by playing with varying heights in your arrangement, guiding the eye to break the monotony of uniformity. Randomising low, mid and tall items also lend the perception of depth, once more adding to the memorability of your styling. 


For those unsure, a steadfast rule of thumb is to start with the larger items, like a throw, a big dish or mat. It sets the foundation for stability on both physics and aesthetics. Secondly, create pairings or trios. This is where you introduced mid-sized items such as this smaller print and coffee table books. Finally, for a touch of detail, fill in spaces with a candle, a cute figurine or a souvenir from one of your travels to lend the arrangement your identity.

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