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Maison Rhizomes

Maison Rhizomes specialises in crafting art rugs with a profound purpose, aiming to connect with individuals on a personal level and create a lasting sense of home. Each rug is meticulously handmade by skilled Nepalese artisans using traditional methods, resulting in unique masterpieces that undergo a careful, hands-on process, including dyeing, weaving, washing, carving, and drying. The commitment to ethically sourced natural materials and limited edition production ensures exceptional quality and beauty, with each pattern limited to twenty-two pieces.

Founded in 2022 by Charlotte Culot and Hannah Vagedes, Maison Rhizomes seamlessly blends art and craftsmanship. Culot, with a background in painting and inspired by the natural world, translated her artwork into rug designs. Vagedes, with a history in luxury fashion, draws inspiration from her family's yarn merchant background and focuses on longevity and resilience. Together, they established Maison Rhizomes to create a unique collection that reflects their shared passion for beauty and artistry.