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These mismatched earrings feature a single, continuous line of gold vermeil, dynamically curving and intertwining with itself. The left earring showcases generous loops, while the right earring mirrors and compresses these loops, exploring the interplay between spatiality and pattern. Secured with an earring post and butterfly back.

Collection Narrative:
Drawing inspiration from the method employed by Easter Islanders to move the Moai statues using ropes, this collection delves into the concept of securing and carrying objects and structures of significance, thereby becoming tethered ourselves. Lassos, loops, and lengths of rope are arranged to evoke the tension between weight and gravity. Earrings and ear cuffs dramatically arc and curve towards the ground, while bracelets unwind and hairpins coil. Amidst this movement, pearls exude a serene calmness.
The piece is thoughtfully handcrafted in recycled sterling silver and plated in 14ct yellow gold.

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