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Our Story


Luxury is built on comfort and character, not fleeting trends.

Klemenza is an interior design studio and home décor boutique based in Paddington, creating modern elegance and sensorial experiences through extraordinary design. 

Specializing in mid-to-high-end residential projects, Klemenza offers the utmost quality of design excellence and promises to transform clients’ dreams into reality by curating timeless interiors built to reflect the people that live in it and express the individual character of each space.

What Klemenza brings is a fresh approach to sophistication: contemporary design and comfortable luxury that is livable, timeless, and evokes a sense of being lived in, well-traveled, always genuine and never overdone.

All the spaces we curate feature carefully chosen artworks and bespoke furniture, always distinctive and often playful, rich in memories and stories. No matter how small or big the project at hand - every last corner is well thought out and taken care of – because exceptional craft never goes out of style. The result: places that have their own heartbeat and energy and demand to not only be admired, but to be fully enjoyed and lived in. These are the spaces we create.

Klemenza’s ethos is that luxury is built on comfort and character, not fleeting trends. What makes a space beautiful is balance, proportion and soul, but also a sense of place with global ties and personal touches. That’s why our spaces layer different textures, shapes and colours, to create an effect that’s both distinctive and timeless. Our pieces are never just for show, and are seamlessly incorporated into places that encourage conversation, relaxation, celebration and connection. 

From the moment you walk through Klemenza’s doors, you will be taken on a sensory journey that is sure to leave a lasting impression from start to end, no matter what design woes you want to tackle or what special item you are looking for. 

Our Services

We can support you through a specific part of your design journey or we can guide you the whole way, from dreaming a new home to finding the perfect gift for a loved one.