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Normann Copenhagen

Normann CPH Porta Table Lamp Portable, Black

The table lamp by Normann Copenhagen is perfect for creating a cosy atmosphere in any room and has a wireless, aesthetically pleasing design. The lamp has geometric shapes with a dome shaped lampshade and a cylindrical lamp base with three-step dimmer at the bottom. It has a portable, suitable for multiple applications function, a rechargeable battery with included USB cable and a silicone ring underneath for added stability. It has high-quality materials in ABS-plastic and acrylic to last for many years to come. Suitable for use in both private and public environments.

Designed in Denmark by Simon Legald.

- Portable lamp with aesthetic design.
- Functional three-step dimmer.
- Made of ABS-plastic and acrylic.
- Width: 202 mm.
- Depth: 112 mm.
- Height: 235 mm.
- Diameter: 65 mm.
- Rechargeable battery included.
- Fully charged battery in 11 hours.
- The power lasts for up to 120 hours.
- Charge with USB.
- Cord length: 1000 mm.
- Weight: 490 g .
- The table lamp comes in 3 different colours.
- Perfect for both home and public environment.

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