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AUDO CPH | Plinth Low - Rose Calacatta Viola Marble

The Plinth collection by MENU now features Calacatta Viola, a rose-colored marble with distinctive purple veining on an off-white background. The marble plinth is not only an attractive and timeless sculptural piece but also a sophisticated surface to display objects. Plinth, designed by Norm Architects, is available in cubic, tall, and low versions.

For a long time, the plinth has been a subject of much thought. In collaboration with MENU, Norm Architects reimagined its uses to highlight the natural beauty of marble. The outcome is a range of multifunctional podiums, handcrafted in Portugal. Each piece of marble is meticulously chosen and shaped into three perfectly aligned shapes: a low rectangular version perfect for a coffee table; a cube ideal as a bedside or side table; and a traditional plinth to display favorite objects. The sharp, clean lines of each plinth provide a striking contrast to the unique veining of the natural, light-reflecting marble.

Dimensions: H27cm x W60cm x L100cm

Weight: 82 kgs
Material: Calacatta Viola Marble

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