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How to Appear Invisible

A small pitcher.

The Collection Narrative: 
The collection "Fold" offers a profound commentary on memory, society, and consumerism through its exploration of dramatic silhouettes and intricate folds. Inspired by the art of drapery in painting, particularly by figures like Leonardo da Vinci, the collection delves into how fabric folds reflect the nuances of human experience across different historical periods. By referencing Georges Perec's focus on the everyday and unnoticed, "Fold" incorporates motifs like household cloths and bedsheets, elevating the ordinary into the realm of art. Blurring the lines between jewelry and sculpture, the collection incorporates materials like ceramics, pearls, and precious stones, with colors reminiscent of the designer's grandmother's garden in Devon. Overall, "Fold" presents a rich tapestry of texture, shape, and historical narrative, inviting viewers to contemplate deeper meanings within the folds.
The piece is thoughtfully handcrafted. It has a height of 13cm (5.12 inches), a diameter of 12cm (4.72 inches) at it's highest and widest points. It has a matte surface that lends it an imposing quality. It can stand on its own as a sculptural object without any liquid.
Ekaterina is an interdisciplinary artist working between London and Los Angeles. Her practice focuses on the body, fetish and patterns of self-perception. She used a series of presses, dents and imperfections to both give the vessel a sense of movement and to create something that when viewed from each angle is different.


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