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Hein Studio

Unity Candleholder - Gold

The creation of the Unity Candleholder stemmed from the pursuit of the perfect functional art piece. Each angle presents a fresh perspective, offering a unique experience influenced by the play of light reflections. Elevate your table setting by using it with two candles or showcase it as an art piece on its own.

Crafted by hand in solid brass through the sandcasting technique, each piece is a testament to the artisan's skill. Small black spots and grains may emerge as a result of the casting process, adding individuality to each item and should not be mistaken for flaws. Following the casting, each piece undergoes meticulous hand polishing.

Brass, being a living material, naturally develops a darker hue due to oxidation over time, creating a beautiful patina that enhances its aesthetic appeal.

MATERIALS: 100 % Brass
MEASUREMENTS: H14 x W15 cm – 2.2 kg approx.
DESIGNER: Rebecca Hein

SPECIAL INFO: Made by hand sandcasting, small black spots and grain may occur due to the sand casting, polished by hand. Use with standard candles

CARE: Brass is a living material and will naturally develop a darker colour due to oxidation. Exposure to moisture or grease can reinforce the oxidation and may leave stains and fingerprints. The oxide layer protects the metal and forms a beautiful patina over time but can easily be cleaned off to restore the original brightness and shine. Wash solid brass objects in hot soapy water to clean off grease or wax, and gently rub it with a soft cloth. Use a non-abrasive polish to remove tarnishing and re-shine the surface. Avoid using steel wool or other materials that can scratch the metal.

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