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Granny Smith

These earrings are dedicated to those who consistently choose apple crumble from the dessert menu, enduring the judgmental looks of their more adventurous dining companions. They possess all the charm of a Granny Smith apple but none of the nutrition.

Collection Narrative:
Woven draws inspiration from various sources to explore the continuous generation and dissemination of information in modern society. The collection features woven, knitted, and twisted designs that traverse the realms of conspiracy theories and ancient mythologies, sometimes forming discordant patterns.
The piece is thoughtfully handcrafted using shell pearls. Earring posts and butterfly backs are made using recycled sterling silver and plated with 14ct yellow gold vermeil. Shell pearls are used in this piece because they are lighter than freshwater pearls and we wanted the biggest pearls possible to emulate our love of the Granny Smith.

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