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Compound - Matte White

Large Vessel in Matte White

by CW x Ekaterina Bazhenova Yamasaki

The sculptural shape of Compound embodies a conceptual and theme-oriented approach, distinctly departing from the classical conventions of decoration prevalent in traditional ceramics. The fluid contours of the artwork draw inspiration from the historical use of drapery in painting, particularly since the Renaissance, as a means to convey movement.

The piece is thoughtfully handcrafted. It has a height of 15cm (5.91 inches), a width of 20.5cm (8.07 inches) and a depth of 20cm (7.87 inches) at it's highest, widest and deepest points. Compound has a smooth matte surface. It can stand on its own as a sculptural object without any floral arrangement.
Ekaterina is an interdisciplinary artist working between London and Los Angeles. Her practice focuses on the body, fetish and patterns of self-perception.Ekaterina used a series of presses, dents and imperfections to both give the vessel a sense of movement and to create something that when viewed from each angle is different.

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