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Richard Brendon

Cocktail Star Cut - Martini Glass (set of 2)

Showcasing the classic martini shape and boasting impeccable proportions, this glass is perfect for those who are particular about their martinis. Whether it’s a Dry or a French, our martini glass never fails to deliver a faultless serve every time.

The Star Cut pieces showcase the same striking silhouettes as Classic, but with the addition of hand-cut stars, reminiscent of the intricate details often found on antique glassware.


Lead-Free crystal of this finesse and clarity can only be achieved using the traditional technique of mouth blowing. This precision and know-how has been practised and refined by craftspeople in Slovenia over centuries, making their talent impressive to witness and the crystal a delight to use.


H18cm, ø10cm / H7.1", ø3.9"

200ml / 6.8fl oz

Avaliable with