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The Bubble to End all Bubbles - Clear

Crafted through the artful process of hand-blowing, this glass vase emerges from the fusion of shattered window and bottle glass, repurposed with the energy harnessed from an old engine. Its colorlessness is transformed into a captivating pale blue hue, a testament to the inherent beauty of recycled materials. The sculptural form of this piece embodies a conceptual, theme-driven approach that boldly diverges from the conventional rules of adornment found in traditional glasswork. Drawing inspiration from the Renaissance era, the flowing contours of the vase evoke the dynamic use of drapery by painters to convey movement, adding a unique touch to its artistic narrative.

-  Thoughtfully handcrafted
-  Recycled glass
-  Height:  17.5cm | 6.89"
-  Width:  17.5cm | 6.89"
-  Depth:  17.5cm | 6.89"
-  This piece can stand on its own as a sculptural object without any floral arrangement
Please note: Photos are only indicative. Each item is 100% handmade - items may differ slightly in shape and size, all irregularities are intentional


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