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02:45 Enfin seuis - Candle 250g

Incense, Burned Birchwood, and Rose intertwine to create a Woody fragrance that transports us to a late evening by the fire, envisioned by Vincent Ricord for D’ORSAY.
This scented candle evokes the moment when the fire dims, leaving the bold and sensual aroma of almost-burnt Birchwood lingering in the air, accompanied by a hint of Moroccan Rose to impart a gentle glow.
As we converse for hours, staying awake through the night, I make no demands as long as the fire continues to burn brightly.
In the flickering light of the dying embers, we share moments of intimacy, pledging to reunite. Should that promise be broken, only the fragrance will linger.
Crafted with expertise in glass and jewelry, this 250g candle reflects sustainability, being refillable and part of a conscious approach.
Head : Sakura Flower, Burnt Incense
Heart : Cedar, Burnt Birch
Base : Moss, Moroccan Rose
Volume: 250g

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