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With the new season and holidays ahead (hello Summer), this is the perfect opportunity to refresh your home.

With the new season and holidays ahead (hello Summer), this is the perfect opportunity to refresh your home.

 One of the key pieces of any living room is of course, the coffee table.

There’s one easy way to get it right: groupings.

Mixing sharp edgesand square or rectangular objects with organic, flowing pieces, like a vase or round bowl.

Height is also very important – by styling with different levels you can really elevate a simple coffee table. Think tall greenery next to a stack of books.

The combinations are endless and lucky for us, our urge to redecorate is just as prominent!

1. Set The Foundation

An easy way to create a base to build off your coffee table styling, is using trays. Not only do trays bring the perfect focal point or base, but they are great for collating everything that ends up there, whether it’s a candle or coasters to even your remotes! They’re an easy way to add height.

2. Use Books!

Adding coffee table books are a great way to elevate your coffee table. They’re beautiful, great conversation starters and may encourage you to slow down and flip through some inspirational pages.

We suggest stacking books to create more height or creating a landing place for other decorative items.

3. Add In More Levels

We can’t emphasise this enough! Creating varying levels however doesn’t have to mean using tall breakable vases or florals where you can’t see the TV over, quite the contrary.

We suggest stacking a few boxes for form and functionality. They’re great storage hacks to keep away those random things that might not “visually” fit-in with the rest of your aesthetic.

4. Layer In Decorative Pieces

We LOVE a stand-out decorative piece! They’re a great way to add interest to your coffee table. We suggest using something beautiful, but functional, like a paper-weight, door-stopper or even a beautiful deck of cards or sculpture will do the trick.

5. Add A Candle

A coffee table would not be complete without a beautiful candle. It instantly makes your living room feel a lot warmer and cosy. Layering in a designer candle helps bring an elevated touch to the space while also igniting the senses and creating a completely different experience in your home.

6. Finish With Some Florals

Add a fresh touch of greenery or seasonal florals to brighten up the space. We always suggest using fresh over artificial plants.

Let the Klemenza team help you create the coffee table of your dreams!

With a wide range of international brands, there is something perfect to suit every style.

All products in our store have been hand-picked with love and care.

From our Klemenza array of home furnishings and interior decorations, here are some ideas of gifts that will fit into various corners, nooks and crannies of the home and appeal to everyone in the family.

The art of stacking plays with the powerful effect of a lived-in vibe and a magnetic point of focus. The trick is to keep things intentional yet effortless, choosing contrasting textures and materials but kept thematic with a common thread. That standardization could be a shade of colour, a topic of interest or even a subject for the eye to zone in on.
Easily style your home guided by the Rule of Three, whichsuggests that objects arranged in odd numbers appeal more to the eyes and make groupings more memorable and effective than even-numbered arrangements. Here's how.