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Captivating Books for the Design Lover’s Library

Captivating Books for the Design Lover’s Library

Discover the joy of design with thoughtfully crafted books that explores beauty, innovation, and evolution

From enduring classics to contemporary masterpieces, a plethora of books awaits those seeking to satiate their hunger for knowledge and creativity - here you’ll find a curated list of 5 captivating books, available in store in Brisbane or through our online store, that we love and are great additions to any design lover's library. Each volume provides a unique and fascinating interpretation of design, exploring various styles, techniques, and historical contexts that are guaranteed to captivate and inform readers for hours on end. 

1. Koichi Takada

"Koichi Takada," is a compendium of the exceptional craftsmanship of the celebrated Japanese-Australian architect. Renowned worldwide for his pioneering and sustainable designs, Takada's work is showcased in stunning detail through an alluring visual experience that provides a thorough analysis of his range of projects. From lavish residential structures to public spaces that promote communal harmony and environmental sustainability, Takada's staunch commitment to sustainability and incorporation of natural materials and organic forms make for aesthetically pleasing and transformative results.

2. Live Beautiful

"Live Beautiful" by Athena Calderone is a mesmerising collection of stunning imagery and insightful reflections that encourages readers to cultivate a more beautiful and fulfilling life. With a focus on design and aesthetics, Calderone takes readers on a journey through her own experiences and the homes of inspiring creatives, demonstrating how small, intentional choices can create a big impact in our daily lives. Through her expert guidance and visual storytelling, "Live Beautiful" is a true treasure for anyone seeking to infuse more beauty and meaning into their lives.

3. Timeless Living: An Anthology

A captivating book that showcases the essence of enduring design and architecture. Compiled by the renowned firm, Axel Vervoordt, and Michael James Gardner, the book emphasizes the importance of embracing simplicity, natural materials, and a sense of history in design. With stunning visuals and insightful essays by leading architects, designers, and artists, the book invites readers to reflect on the lasting appeal of design that stands the test of time. "Timeless Living" is a true ode to the power of beauty that transcends fleeting trends and instead focuses on the enduring principles of harmony and balance.

4. Distinctly Modern Interiors

A captivating masterpiece that celebrates the beauty of modern design. With a keen eye for detail and a deep appreciation for innovative design, Summers takes readers on a journey through an impressive collection of stunning interiors. Each space is uniquely crafted to showcase the perfect balance of form and function, with meticulous attention paid to every element of the design. Through striking imagery and expert analysis, Summers inspires readers to explore their own creativity and seek out new ways to elevate their living spaces.

5. Eight Homes

"Eight Homes" by Clements Design is a book that showcases the brilliance of contemporary architecture and interior design. Through a stunning collection of eight distinct homes, readers are taken on a journey through the artful fusion of form and function, with each page revealing a new level of beauty and sophistication. From clean lines and sleek finishes to bold textures and natural materials, this book captures the essence of modern living at its finest. With its captivating visuals and insightful commentary, "Eight Homes" is a must-read for anyone with a passion for design and an appreciation for the finer things in life.

Books not only serve as a wellspring of knowledge and creativity, but also as a splendid adornment for your coffee table or library.

Whether you aspire to revamp your living space, broaden your understanding of design's past and present, or simply yearn to add some visual delight to your bookshelf, these books are guaranteed to captivate and inspire. 

All products in our store have been hand-picked with love and care.

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