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5 Home Fragrances That Look as Good as They Smell

Scents are the most effective way to create varying ambiences in thespaces of your home. Create a different atmosphere with a separate scents for individual rooms and be transported to distinct environments each time you walk into them. Get creative and switch up the vessel of the scents too, from candles and diffusers to fragrance bars and more for a treat for the eyes as well as the nose. Here are five scents that look as good as they smell. 

Trudon Napoleon Black Bust 

Without lighting it up, Trudon's scented candle bustFrench emperor Napoleon stands regal and formidable as a conversation-starter centrepiece. Lit, it sets the mood with a warm glow and intoxicating scent to enhance any setting.

Tom Dixon Elements Water (Large)

Its structural jar carries within in a wax body of the most beautiful jewel tones. The Water, in particular, mesmerises with an effervescent shade of indigo, evoking crisp memories of refreshing bodies of water.

Maison Balzac Octopus Burner

Fun and quirky, light up your favourite tea light candle within one of these and add a touch of whimsy to the room, anytime, any day.

Carriere Freres Botanical Palet

Solid perfumes last longer while lending a small treat for the observant eye that spots it. These palettes hold a small element of their scent of origin for a little peekaboo of provenance.

Marloe Marloe Mini Bobby Candle

Cute shapes and clean lines make this candle ode of minimalism still a standalone piece that holds its own in a room. Its unisex scent adds to a touch of mystery when it flame lights up its wick.

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