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Trunk Jewellery Box - Midnight Navy

Trunk stands as our most capacious jewelry box, providing a spacious abode for all your exquisite possessions, with ample room to accommodate future additions to your collection.
Its navy exterior conceals two lacquer trays with tonal inserts, each of which swings gracefully on its own axis to unveil a larger central tray. This intuitive design allows you to effortlessly survey your entire collection while facilitating easy access to each item. Below the central tray lies an expansive compartment suitable for housing larger pieces and miscellaneous treasures, such as watches, pendants, or brooches.
Trunk not only serves as a secure repository for your cherished pieces but also enhances the joy of caring for and selecting them, ensuring that the experience is as gratifying as wearing them.
- Colour: Navy with Klein blue interior
- 3 levels of storage
- Wood with high lacquer finish
- Features delicate gold effect inlay
- Brass plated hardware 
Faux suede interior
300mm W x 210mm D x 170mm H 

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