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Tom Dixon

Tom Dixon - Melt Pendant in Chrome, Mini

Tom Dixon collaborated with the Swedish design collective FRONT to create Melt, a lighting object with an imperfect, organic, and naturalistic design. Each piece of Melt is beautifully distorted and unique, appearing to morph as you move around the space.

When illuminated, Melt evokes the appearance of molten glass, the interior of a melting glacier, or images of deep space. When turned off, Melt's appearance changes to have a mirror-finish effect. In 2019, Tom Dixon further enhanced the Melt family by integrating a custom-made LED ring into the fitting. 


·     Finish: Polished, Chrome colour

·     Material: Polycarbonate

·     Dimensions: H:27cm x W:28cm

·     Cable length: 250cm

·     Ceiling rose shape: Dome

·     Ceiling rose colour: Chrome

·     Cable finish: Clear


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