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Scrunch - Blue

Scrunch introduces a fresh perspective on everyday earrings, seamlessly blending the unconventional with elegant silhouettes. Deep within the design journey, an authentic fabric scrunchie played a pivotal role - its essence still evident, infusing the earrings with unexpected contours and a nuanced interplay of pattern and texture. This piece is a part of the Fold collection, where flowing contours pay homage to the use of drapery in art to convey movement, a tradition dating back to the Renaissance.

The piece is thoughtfully handcrafted in blue bio-resin. Earring posts and butterfly backs are made using recycled sterling silver and plated with 18ct yellow gold vermeil.
The earrings are available in one size only. The height of the piece is 34mm(1.34 inches), its width is 31mm(1.22 inches) and its depth is 10mm(0.39 inches).

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