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Scrunch presents a fresh perspective on everyday earrings, merging the unconventional with refined silhouettes. Somewhere in the depths of the design journey, an authentic fabric scrunchie played a role - its influence endures, imparting unexpected contours and a nuanced interplay of pattern and texture.

Scrunch is a multi-faceted commentary on significant themes like memory, society, and consumerism, expressed through elegant and fluid silhouettes featuring creases, pleats, ruffles, and layered folds. Drawing inspiration from the historical use of drapery in art, particularly exemplified by Leonardo da Vinci's sketches, examines how fabric folds reflect aspects of the human condition. This exploration is enriched by an understanding of art history, with each fold narrating stories about individuals and their historical contexts. Additionally, the collection integrates insights from Georges Perec's documentation of everyday life, incorporating motifs like household cloths and folded bedsheets to capture both aesthetic and material significance.

The piece is thoughtfully handcrafted in recycled sterling silver.

The earrings are available in one size only. The height of the piece is 34mm(1.34 inches), its width is 31mm(1.22 inches) and its depth is 10mm(0.39 inches).

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