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Laboratorio Olfattivo

Rosamunda Eau de Parfum

Discover Rosamunda by Marie Duchêne for Laboratorio Olfattivo 

Elegant in the sunlight and passionate when the night comes down, Rosamunda is a rose that defies tradition. 
Provocative and carnal but at the same time sumptuous, wrapped in a neoclassical brightness.
It took large quantities of Bulgarian and Turkish Roses and long hours of distillation to get this creation: the seductive power of the Rose is brought to fever pitch and its being classic is corrupted with Patchouli.

Around this beating heart, illuminated by green lymph of rose, a scented scenario of golden spices, ancient woods and animal notes with an aphrodisiac imprint.  An impalpable landscape unknown to the eyes and to the nose,  a Rose worthy of adoration for which a celebratory altar was built, an altar covered by Oud.
Note di testa
Saffron, Rose leafs
Note di cuore
Bulgarian Rose essence, Absolute of Turkish Rose, Patchouli
Note di fondo
Oud, Cedar, Sandal, Amber, animal Musk
Eau de Parfum 100ml

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