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Pretenders Gemstone Choker - Pink Choker

The Pretenders Gemstone Choker is a beautiful multi-gemstone choker to highlight our favourite peridot gemstones. Featuring contrasting chain and mixed cuts of nano pink corundum gemstone, this choker necklace is an essential modern styling piece.

Wear it with other styles from our Pink Corundum Collection.


·      Pink corundum nano-gemstones.

·      High micron, ethically sourced 18K gold certified by LBMA Responsible Gold to meet international ethics standards.

·      Brass base metal.

·      6 months warranty

·      Nickel free.

·      All items are original jewellery designs by F+H Jewellery, Australia.

SIZE - Measurements are:

o  Adjustable length - maximum 420mm




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