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Not Brainwashed (Yet)

Elegant yet eclectic, these 18ct gold vermeil earrings showcase a charming blend of freshwater pearls, zirconia, and jade beads. Secured with an earring post and butterfly back, they offer a distinctive touch to any ensemble.
Collection Concept:
Taking inspiration from rivers altered by climate change, this collection tells a compelling story. Each piece initially flows in one direction, mirroring the natural course of these rivers, before gracefully reversing to symbolize their unexpected transformation.
-  Thoughtfully handcrafted
-  Recycled sterling silver plated in 18ct yellow gold
-  Freshwater pearl
-  White and green zirconia
-  Jade Bead
Left  - H19mm x W 19mm
Right - H63mm x W16mm
*The earrings are available in one size

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