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Mini Trunk Jewellery Box - Taupe

The Mini Trunk boasts classic proportions akin to traditional jewellery boxes, exuding elegance and charm. Its high polish lacquer finish grants it a commanding presence, while inside, rich interior provides a stunning backdrop for your precious jewels to gleam.

Upon opening, the top trays gracefully swing on their individual axes, unveiling the spacious middle tray. Below lies an even more generous space, ideal for accommodating larger pieces.

The Mini Trunk luxury jewellery box not only safeguards your treasures but also enhances the pleasure of selecting and caring for them, making the experience as delightful as wearing them.



- Wood with high lacquer finish

- 3 levels of storage

- Features delicate gold effect inlay

- Brass plated hardware 

- Faux suede interior



260mm W, 175mm D, 130mm H

Avaliable with