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AUDO CPH | Plinth Cubic - Rose Calacatta Viola Marble

MENU has expanded its Plinth collection with rose-coloured marble called Calacatta Viola, which has off-white color and distinctive purple veining. The marble plinth is not only a beautiful and timeless sculptural piece on its own but also a sophisticated platform to display objects. 

In collaboration with MENU, Norm Architects reimagined the plinth's uses to showcase the natural beauty of marble. The resulting series of multifunctional podiums is handcrafted in Portugal. Each piece of marble is meticulously selected and shaped into three perfectly aligned forms: a low rectangular version ideal for coffee tables, a cube that is perfect as a bedside or side table, and a traditional plinth to display favorite objects. The sharp, clean silhouette of each plinth beautifully contrasts the unique veining of the natural, light-reflecting marble.


H: 40 cm, W: 40 cm, D: 40 cm


Rose Calacatta Viola Marble

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