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Indi Vessel

The Indi Vessel is meticulously handcrafted from terracotta, adorned with a serene indigo blue hue that boasts subtle variations in shades and tones. This exceptional decorative piece emanates a confident and sculptural aura, serving as an impeccable addition to minimalist aesthetics. Each artifact undergoes careful hand-finishing, ensuring distinctive nuances in the glaze, transforming each into a one-of-a-kind masterpiece, celebrated for its imperfections. Whether displayed alone as a captivating sculpture or seamlessly incorporated into a decorative ensemble, this artifact effortlessly commands attention. Please note that this product is intended for decorative use only and is not suitable for containing water.
Dimensions: H34 cm x D23 cm
Finish: Indigo Blue
Material: 100% Terracotta

* For decorative use only - not recommended for holding water
* Wipe with a dry, soft lint-free cloth only

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