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Hein Studio

Nami Vase

The Nami collection draws inspiration from traditional Japanese ceramic crafts, celebrating beauty through simplicity. With a nod to the concept of wabi-sabi, the collection fosters a serene atmosphere in every space.

In the pursuit of exploring geometric shapes, where squares intersect with circles, the aim was to harmonize and blend diverse geometric elements while maintaining a clean and tranquil design, incorporating an element of surprise.

Just like the name suggests, Nami, meaning wave, each angle in the collection is asymmetric, resembling the undulating nature of waves. This asymmetry introduces a fresh perspective as the objects are turned around, rendering each angle distinct yet equally beautiful. Glazed with a smooth white finish, the collection imparts a soothing and airy ambiance to any room.

MEASUREMENTS: H25 x W20 cm – 1.25 kg approx.
DESIGNER:  Rebecca Hein
SPECIAL INFO:  Note - All items are handmade and glazed by hand in Portugal, therefore slight variations and biases may occur as a result of the craftsmanship


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