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Hein Studio

Ammonit Vase - Clear

Drawing inspiration from the organic forms of the Ammonite, a sea creature that inhabited the Earth 66 million years ago and is now exclusively preserved in fossils, the Ammonit Vase captures the essence of this ancient marine life.

This vase is born out of a fascination for blending the past and present within an organically inspired design. Much like the unique and asymmetric shell of the Ammonite, each angle of the vase is distinctive. The timeless yet modern shape is crafted as a tribute to the enduring beauty of a bygone era.


MEASUREMENTS: H30 x W26 cm - 6 kg approx.

DESIGNER: Rebecca Hein


SPECIAL INFO: Mouth blown, the mould is carved in steel creating the unique raw surface and colours. The colour may vary from vase to vase.


Brand - Hein Studio


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