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Dark Paradise

How different it might have been. We could have opted for simplicity with just the pearls. We could have skipped the hassle of setting the zirconia. Even after completing all that, we should have stopped there, as my great aunt always advised. Yet, we couldn't resist - an urge within impelled us to angle the stones, to cluster the pearls, to, in a manner my great aunt would never have approved, amplify the elegance. The outcome: a pair of asymmetric freshwater pearl drop earrings meticulously adorned with zirconia gemstones. Secured gracefully with earring posts and butterfly backs.

Collection Story:
Inspired by a compilation of rivers that have reversed their course due to the impacts of climate change, the pieces in this collection emulate a forward movement followed by a retreat, symbolizing the intricate dance of natural forces.
The piece is thoughtfully handcrafted using freshwater pearls and zirconia gemstones. Earring posts and butterfly backs are made using recycled sterling silver and plated with 14ct yellow gold vermeil. 

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