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Tom Dixon

Cloud Bowl - Large

The Cloud, a substantial sculptural vessel crafted from meticulously polished aluminum, stands as a testament to craftsmanship. Handcrafted in India by masterful artisans, each bowl possesses distinctive characteristics, with every hammer strike and indentation showcasing the labor poured into its creation. Its silver hue and seedpod-like shape evoke versatility, suitable for a myriad of uses, including serving as an elegant fruit bowl.

Although controlled within predetermined tolerances, pits and welds will inevitably remain discernible, serving as distinct hallmarks of skilled craftsmanship and honoring the artisan's touch. Ensuring water tightness, the bowl is suitable for floral arrangements and safe for dry foods as well.
MATERIAL: Aluminum
FINISH: Polished
DIMESNIONS: 43.5cm D x 45.5cm W x 19cm H
WEIGHT: 1.25kg


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