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Clay Relic Candle - Irtiu Nefertiti by Curionoir


A symphony of scents unfolds with notes of blue lotus, fig wood, osmanthus flowers, passionflower, gaiac wood, sandalwood, and musk.

The sacred and fragrant Nymphaea Caerulea, also known as Blue Lotus, once adorned the body of the Egyptian Queen Nefertiti. As one of the most significant relics from ancient Egyptian civilization, Nymphaea Caerulea was believed to bestow euphoria and elevate consciousness to higher realms.

Drawing inspiration from the artistry of ancient Egypt during the New Kingdom period, the Curio Clay Relics present an array of individually handcrafted carriers designed for perfumes and candles. Exclusively crafted for Curionoir by the self-taught potter Kirsten Dryburgh, each vessel is meticulously made from clay sourced from the South Island of New Zealand. The unique finish is achieved through specific glazing and multiple firings. Embracing the organic nature of their creation, these clay relics exhibit variations in shape and colour, ensuring that each one becomes your own truly unique piece of art.

Clay Relic (Classic): 580g / 20.6oz (minimum) candles burn for 65+ hours.

Brand - Curionoir

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