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Hein Studio

Canyon Vase - Mini - New Smoke

Fashioned through the intricate art of mouth blowing, our vases take shape as steel molds carve out their unique raw textures and hues. With each piece crafted by hand, variations in color may occur from vase to vase, imparting a personalized touch to every creation.
Harnessing the awe-inspiring might of nature's extremes, our design draws inspiration from the sculpted canyons forged by powerful water floods, resulting in a surface imbued with unparalleled uniqueness. Crafted with the intention of bridging the gap between nature and the comforts of home, it infuses spaces with both the organic essence of the outdoors and an artistic flourish. Versatile in function, it can be displayed with or without flowers, offering a captivating centerpiece adaptable to any setting. 
Materials: 100% Glass
Measurements: 8 H x 11 W cm
Volume: Approx 0.5 kg 

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