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Hein Studio

Canyon Vase - Mini - Clear

Drawing inspiration from the formidable forces of nature, our creation is reminiscent of canyons carved by relentless water floods, resulting in a distinctive surface. Crafted to evoke the essence of nature within your living space while infusing it with an artistic flair, it serves as a conduit to bring the outdoors closer to home. Versatile in its utility, it can be displayed either with or without flowers, offering a dynamic focal point for any setting.
Handcrafted through the meticulous process of mouth blowing, each vase undergoes a transformation as its mold is intricately carved from steel, giving rise to its distinct raw surface and array of colors. Please note that due to the individual craftsmanship, the coloration of each vase may vary subtly, adding to its bespoke charm.
Materials: 100% Glass
Measurements: 8 H x 11 W cm
Volume: Approx 0.5kg

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