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Bienaimé 1935

Vermeil - Solid Soap

A true beauty gesture, the Bienaimé soap will amaze the most delicate senses. Its elegant fluted shape encourages a gentle massage of the palm of the hand. It leaves a pleasantly scented veil on the skin. A unique sensory and olfactory imprint, which brings pleasure and emotion with each use.


Vermeil: A trail like a line of red, a poetic wave that evokes rice powder and exudes beauty...

Head: Carrot seeds, Aldehyde

Heart: Iris, Violet, Rose, Raspberry

Base: White Musk, Tolu Balsam, Sandalwood, Heliotrope


Formulated with oil from a farm that guarantees sustainable and fair production, Bienaimé soap is made by hand using an extremely natural saponification method in a soap factory created in 1926. Its mould has been custom-made to give it a unique shape, for an enhanced sensoriality.

Your Bienaimé soap is housed in an elegant case that will transform perfectly into a small jewellery box once used.


Volume: 150g

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