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Bienaimé 1935

Vermeil - Dream Balm

Like an intoxicating imprint on the skin, the Dream Balm will envelop you in a bewitching and magical softness. Its combination of two oils dresses the skin in a delicately iridescent veil for a luminous finish. Upon application, the balm transforms into a dry oil that is quickly absorbed. It lightly prolongs the trail of your olfactory signature.


Vermeil: A trail like a line of red, a poetic wave that evokes rice powder and exudes beauty...

Head: Carrot seeds, Aldehyde

Heart: Iris, Violet, Rose, Raspberry

Base: White Musk, Tolu Balsam, Sandalwood, Heliotrope


Made in the South of France, your Dream Balm is handcrafted. Hot poured into a jar, the two oils that make it up meet and crystallize together in a glittery, entirely natural effect that sublimates the skin by subtly iridescing it.

Volume: 200ml

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