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Bienaimé 1935

La Vie En Fleurs - The Candle

Create a unique atmosphere in your home with the Scented Candle Bienaimé, inspired by the three iconic fragrances of the House. Each scent is reworked to create a particularly bewitching and addictive home fragrance.

A promise of softness and voluptuousness to embalm each moment of the daily life...

La Vie En Fleurs : Like a flight of flowers, this light and intoxicating fragrance opens the doors to an enchanted and happy universe. A real spring bouquet that delicately scents the air and makes you see life in pink.

Made in the south of France, near Grasse, the candle is made from 100% vegetable wax. Sublimating the art of living, it is adorned with a delightful porcelain case shaped by excellent ceramists and delicately hand-painted. Once consumed, your scented candle remains a true decorative object thanks to its pure and refined container.

The Candle Bienaimé is housed in an elegant drawer box that you can reuse as you wish.

Weight: 215 g

Made in France.

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