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Audo Copenhagen

Collapse Vase - Black (H30) - Audo Copenhagen

Inspired by the graceful folds of fabric, the Collapse Vase boasts a delicate, natural design. Standalone or in groups, its artful silhouette enhances contemporary settings, with or without floral accents. The firing process ensures each vase is distinctively unique.

About the Artist: Sofia Tufvasson, a Stockholm-based ceramic artist, creates art objects with clean lines and captivating light-capturing shapes, inspired by everyday forms and shadows. She strives to evoke curiosity and a desire to touch her creations, aiming for a modern yet timeless style that can enhance any home.

Colour: Black

Dimensions: 160 (D) x 300 (H) mm (Large)

Material: Ceramic

Designer: Sofia Tufvasson

Brand: Audo Copenhagen

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