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Alessi - Plisse Kettle 1.7L - White

The Plissé Electric Kettle excels the most through its design. It's very name declares the sculptural nature of its design: pleated fabric, this kettle is reminiscent of an haute couture dress.

Designed by Michele De Lucchi, the Plissé kettle combines functional aspects with a plastic and imaginative design that reveals the creator's passion for architecture, handicraft, and sculpture. The sculptural folds of the Plissé adds a subtle sophistication, a softness, and a feminine curve to your kitchen. It sits on a discreetly hidden base, features thermal insulation (so it can be placed on a bench straight after boiling), and is equipped with an anti-limescale filter.

Electric kettle in thermoplastic resin, with Australian compliant plug.

Plissé is BPA-free.

Please be reminded to read the instructions and check the maximum water level suitable for the kettle before using for the first time.

Dimensions: L 21cm W 16cm H 29cm
Capacity: 170cl

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