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Maison Balzac

Tapered Candle (Single)

Crafted with care, these tapered candles are tailored to brighten both your days and nights when natural light falls short. Embrace your creativity by mixing candle colors freely, prioritizing your own enjoyment above all else.
Size: 25cm long, 9.84"
Approx 9 hours burn time each.
Candle base fits in a 2cm diameter candleholder.
Candleholder sold separately.

100% plant based stearin wax with cotton wick (wax RSPO certified).
Kindly be aware that our candles may develop a gentle white film on the exterior due to the characteristics of the wax. This phenomenon, known as blooming, is entirely natural and does not impact the quality or burning performance of the candle in any manner.
Please note these are sold individually. 
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