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Purotu Rose Candle by Curionoir


Crafted from a harmonious blend of rose otto, bitter orange, cumin, rose de Mai, pink pepper, teak wood, and vetiver from Haiti and Java.

At Ngatihaua Witehira's tangi (funeral), three evocative scents danced in the air: the vibrant essence of life intertwined with warm earth, the lingering aroma of smoke from the hangi, and the delicate fragrance of roses adorning the food hall tables.

A modern myth that speaks to the innate longing to rejuvenate and reconnect with nature, answering the irresistible summons—an embodiment of Orpheus himself.

CLASSIC GLASS: 390g / 13.7oz (minimum) candles burn for 65+ hours.

COLOUR: ruby pink

Brand - Curionoir

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