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The Hamilton Home

The Hamilton Home transformation embodies a journey from the old and outdated to a realm of upscale, livable luxury, infused with the distinct Klemenza touch. 
Our design vision was to elevate the residence to an international 5-star ambiance, seamlessly incorporating Tom Dixon melt lights and bespoke Klemenza furniture pieces that the owners adored. The redesign involved a strategic reshuffling of spaces—moving the dining area to a more central location near the kitchen and transforming the former dining space into a cozy nook for reading and chess. 
The stairwell received a modern update with sleek handrails, plush carpeting, and elegant wallpaper, enhancing the flow between the home's levels. On the kids' level, we revitalized the study and art areas with new flooring and thoughtful decoration. The master bathroom was completely redesigned to echo the refined aesthetics found throughout the home. 
By creating distinct zones and employing a careful selection of wallpaper, each area was tailored to maximize utility and aesthetic appeal, fostering a space where comfort meets chic sophistication.

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