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The Brown Residence

For architecture photographer David Chatfield, we envisioned a home centred around a TV lounge room that is warm and welcoming for rest while staying streamlined with his creative eye for clean lines and wide spaces for a clear mind. We populated the space with European touches of bold pieces, anchored by a custom Klemenza sofa in cobalt blue. It is accented by the sunny yellow of its cushions, made from an award-winning silk fabric for the most luxurious touch, feel and support. Linden table lamps frame the sofa on Menu side tables. Instead of a coffee table, we conceived a custom ottoman in a beautiful leather-weaved fabric, on which we chose a Menu Aer vase to stand as a statement piece. Our Klemenza Trunk Bar in orange finished off the final look of the lounge, purposefully contrasted against the blue of the sofa to make both colours pop. The result is a stylish and welcoming lounge that invites clients, friends and family alike to gather at any time of day.

All images are taken by David Chatfield.

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