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Inside Our Klemenza Trunk Bars

Nothing enlivens a room quite like a bar. Driven by this spirit of conviviality, our Klemenza Trunk bars are designed to welcome everyone with a drink and stylishly hide them away after the party is over. 


Created to store your most prized bottles of wines and spirits, it comes with additional side shelves for crystal glasses and other bar accessories to neatly wield your arsenal. Doors open to a convenient 90 degrees for stunning show of your private collection while a marble top make for an exquisite flair during drink preparation. 


A walnut interior adds warmth to the scene as you shake up your tipple, while solid brass metal holds up the entire trunk in a manner strong and sleek. Beautiful weave-textured Italian leather envelopes the body, in classic colours of Orange, Beige and Black. Coming soon are a selection of new colourways in Forest Green, Cobalt Blue, Vintage Brown and Red. 


A fan of earth colours, our head designer and director Sophia chose the above colours to lend a timelessness to the trunks while also bringing a slice of nature indoors. Forest Green and Vintage Brown will easily sit in any space while the Cobalt Blue, Red and Orange are sure to steal the show as statement pieces. 

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