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White Calo Large Pendant with Jute Cable

6-8 week lead time.

Handmade in Southern Spain, the  Caló  collection combines traditional pottery techniques with contemporary lighting design.

This iconic bell shape with its round, even surface gives the lamp the impression of being cast. Rather than being hidden, the gathering between the rope and the lamp is accentuated in a modern and original way.

Hang a few Caló's in the kitchen, use it over the dining table, or illuminate a large hall or office environment.

The  Caló  lamps are available in two different sizes (medium + large) and five different colours (white, salmon, terracotta, denim + grey)

All electrical fittings and 2 metres of cable* included.  Globes not included. 

* White + Salmon come with natural Jute Rope. Remaining colours come with white cord. 

 40cm H x 26cm D



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