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Vanity Tray, Slate Grey

The Vanity Tray is a Marloe Marloe must-have designed to elevate your everyday rituals. Stretching 21.5cm long, 10 cm wide & 2cm high at the sides, use it to display your skincare, scents or jewels, there is so much to love about this best-seller.


Marloe Marloe's Slate Grey colourway represents the strength we hold within, as well as our memories of times past. The grey gloss glaze is formulated using a grey colour pigment known as a stain. The pigment is then added in small amounts to create a soft and neutral colour palette.

The navy band that runs around the base of the vessel is a Marloe Marloe signature, but also provides a grounded contrast to the lighter, more reflective grey glaze. 

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