Tom Dixon Swirl Candle Ball

A fresh and floral scented candle encased in a sculptural and colourful vessel with a sphere lid. Swirl Ball candle was Tom’s boldest attempt yet to create objects with an afterlife that can be re-purposed as vases, containers for trinkets and storage of all types. Made using recycled powdered residue from the marble industry, this sustainable vessel is significant enough to be appreciated as an object in its own right, even when the scent has vanished.

The unique process with which Swirl is made involves recycling the powdered residue from the marble industry, mixing it with pigment and resin to create blocks of material that can then be sawn, sliced and turned on a lathe. Due to the nature of the pigmentation, each piece features a unique pattern due to the pouring process. Also available as a multi-coloured candelabra and as Dumbell, Cone and Stepped candleholders



Depth: 10 cm 

Width: 10 cm

Height: 15 cm 

Weight: 1.85 kgs 

Avaliable with